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Yeah! I’m excited to say that I arrived in Leon safely and was whisked away to Celaya and the Mac Hospital. My driver was completely charming and has proposed marriage. He helped me to check in and get me settled before giving me a hug and a kiss, promising to be back to pick me up before saying goodbye.

Immediately in the hospital the pre-op tests began. Blood work, blood pressure, urine, EKG. A bit later my hot young surgeon came in for a consult, evaluation, and to take pre-op photos. He told that later that evening another doctor, a general practitioner would be into take my medical history, and for further physical and mental evaluation. Lest any of you “ney sayer” should suggest there are  not “real” good competent doctors, and hospitals in Mexico.

The MAC Hospital

Everything is set for Tuesday morning.

I’m with MJ Propofol is de bomb!! Surgery was preformed successfully and all issues were addresses.           Dr. Koelliker feels as though I should get back 20 years. For this he gets a big kiss and hug.

I was released from the hospital  and  escorted to my chariot by my driver and future husband Jose. In about an hours time I arrived at the beautiful  estate known as  Club Casa Marino. There is a wonderful staff here to assist me, and meals provided twice a day. Other than that there is an honor bar, and complimentary cookies, tea and coffee. There are  balconies,  and patios off of every room and a roof top hot tub and jacuzzi that offer fabulous views.  A video library ,books to read, and maps and menus for the town of  San Miguel. There are also Spa services offered for a “Price” wink, wink.

Today is May 22,2010

Dr. Koelliker arrives shortly after 10 am (yes a house call) to remove the stitches from my upper and lower eyelids

.  He tells me I look great and suggests celebrating with no more than two Margaritas. (not a  problem, point me to the bar).
He did suggest waiting until after noon. awwwe.
I’m about half way through my adventure here in Mexico. The rest of the stitches will come out Tuesday. Then I will be boarding a plane for home on Wednesday. Then the whole story will be told.   Stay Tuned ~ Starri

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