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Everyone wants to look their best during the holiday season. You’ve got the dress and shoes, hair and nails are done. Why not put on a fresh face?

We live in a youth driven society. Showing up to any event looking tired is unacceptable. Refresh, rejuvenate, display the youthfulness on the outside that you feel on the inside.


Clients from every corner of the world have been flocking to FaceLiftMexico in scenic San Miguel de Allende Mexico for these services for 17 years. I was fortunate enough to have my face lift done in the spring 2010, and I was ready to share my face with the world six weeks after surgery. Many are ready much sooner,  depending upon the procedures and the patients healing process.


Dr. Koelliker, and his staff are highly skill and have been successfully performing plastic surgery procedures  for FaceLiftMexico for many years. Dr. Koelliker  is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgery Specialist with a 16 year history.

Due to the high demand for FaceLiftMexico’s services it is important to schedule procedures in advance too ensure operating room, and  hospital room availability. As well as to ensure your suite at Club Casa Marino.

Why not treat yourself to a Medical Spa Vacation in beautiful San Miguel de Allende Mexico and a more youthful appearance in 2012.

I will be posting more pictures and updating again soon.

Stay Tuned ~Starri

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