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As the economy inches it’s way upward, people are once again looking for ways to optimize their vacation time. Those days off are at a premium, as more Americans are taking fewer and fewer days off. Should you plan that dream vacation abroad or take the opportunity to get that cosmetic work done, (nose job, facelift, tummy tuck ) that you’ve been thinking about for so long.

Why not plan both?

There was a time when people flocked to the US for surgical procedures, but now the world is our oyster. There are world class doctors and facilities ready and waiting with open arms on virtually every continent. Let’s look at a few and see how they match up.

mapJust for fun let’s begin with the US.

The Lifestyle life has become increasingly popular here, or so you would think with the amount of advertising that they do.

Lifestyle lift will run you between $8,000 – $10,000 dollars. You get this great price by not having the additional cost of an anesthesiologist or hospital. The entire facelift is done while the patient strapped down, and under local anesthesia. The procedure is outpatient, so they are sent home to recover the same day.

Facelifts cost will be a little higher priced, in the area of $15,000. This is still considered outpatient surgery in the US, but with the added perk of anesthesia 😉 and they are often preformed in a hospital setting.

Now lets explore the rest of North America, beginning with Canada.

A facelift in Canada will cost around $12,000. plus travel and accommodations during your stay. As in the US your procedure will be done on an outpatient basis.

Now if you prefer to vacation in a warmer climate Mexico might just be the perfect Med-Spa vacation destination for you.

A facelift in Mexico will run around $6,500. plus travel and accommodations (which FaceliftMexico also offers at a very reasonable rate). That price, the $6,500. includes a 3 day hospital stay, not the outpatient treatment offered in the US and Canada.


This has got to be my “Inflation Buster” pick for my US fans and followers who wish to travel, but not wander to far from home, and who are looking for cosmetic surgery at a great price. The above image shows how gorgeous this location truly is, and it’s packed full of wonderful places to explore while you recover and before you return home.

I’ll be back soon with more tips and updates.

Stay Tuned!

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