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I’ve been home for two weeks now, and am finally beginning to feel abit like my old self again. Most of the obvious swelling is gone as is the bruising, and the results are amazing. Dr.  Koelliker did a wonderful job. My friends are so jealous.

There’s so much to this  I really don’t know where to start. Hence the delay in posting.

I will admit that the flight home and the first 10 days home were very difficult. Don’t get me wrong, my driver was on time very nice and got me to my destination in plenty of time. The hard part was going through all of the Customs, and Security Checks. By the time I arrived at the gate for my connecting flight in Houston I was ready to cry. Guess Pat knew what she was talking about when she offer to arrange a wheel chair.

Once home I finally got that  “much needed Margarita.

Still on several medications,  and requiring at least two naps a day I had to be reminded often that I was recovering from major surgery. I’m glad my plan to start working as soon as I got home was waylaid by friends, and family.

This last weekend was the most exciting for me yet. I get to wear makeup again! Feeling the pressure to post pics, but it will be awhile before that happens. So be patient  my lovelies. Dr. Koelliker said it may be 3-6 months for everything to heal completely. I would think one more month before I’m ready to face the photogs for real. ( I was snapped at a party shortly after my return home. That pic has yet to surface.           Thank Goodness! )

I stay in close contact with Pat Marino, and my new friend and companion while at     Club Casa Marino Fabiola. I hope to return for a visit with a friend later this year.

I will be posting more of the details of my experience soon so.

Stay Tuned ~ Starri


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