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2010 has gotten away without the promised photo shoot. My apologies, the photographer came down with the flu , the weather turned bad, and I ended up in bed exhausted, I slept for 3 days. (my friends kept telling me to go to sleep…and I did…lol)

Although the shoot has yet to be rescheduled it will be soon. I expect to do it before mid January. And I can hear Pat Marino (FaceLiftMexico) now saying, “Look at her beautiful face”, but I will be saying check out the shoes.. can anyone say Christian Louboutin “wink, wink” (I will work  for shoes… as if that needed to be said) .

Oh I should mention that I have regained most of the feeling in my face. Ya!! and am so loving the work Dr. Koelliker has done on me. (although he could have taken off another 10 years.) Ha Ha!!

Well It’s time to get ready to Celebrate!! Happy New Years Everyone!! and Thank you for your continued support. I looking forward to hearing from all of you in 2011!!
Cheers!! Starri

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