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*Edited to add a better pic. 😉

Hi All!

It’s great to be back. So much has been going on with me, and of course with our friends at Facelift Mexico. First let me apologize for the “selfie”.  It seem the world has gone cell phone mad hasn’t it? I still tend to shy away from all cameras when not properly prepared but for you I’ll make an exception. I doesn’t look like that much has changed over the past couple of years. Here’s the picture I posted for you in 2011. One year post op.

One year later

One year later 2011


I’m not really jaundice, just in a room heavily ladened with gold tones. 😉

Now that I’m back I plan on catching you all up on the new additions to FLM, (don’t worry Dr. Koelliker is still there working his magic), but there are other exciting things going on in San Miguel, like the newly renovated Cub, and a Spinal Surgery Division! Though many things are new the price is not. It’s the same great deal I received nearly 5 years ago. Go to the site and check it out www.FaceLiftMexico.com now!

I’ll also be letting you in on a few secrets I’ve picked up on how to maintain the youthful look Dr. K worked so hard to give me.


Remember they’re secrets, just between you and me. Don’t tell! 😉

I’ll be back soon to fill you in.

Stay Tuned~

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